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Season Over For Bradford, Sooners Should Start Looking To 2010

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While there is nothing substantial that I can link to, all the indications on Bradford's injury is that it's the same type he suffered against BYU and this time he'll not be returning as Oklahoma's signal caller. So it looks as if we've seen the last of Bradford as a Sooner, or have we?

My feelings on his return have changed completely since his initial injury. After the BYU game I had hoped for a best case scenario and that Bradford would be back as quickly as possible, hoping for the Miami game but definitely the Texas game for sure. Now after seeing him go through the same injury for the second time it's clear that he needs rest and most likely surgery to heal properly.

At this point, with a 3-3 record, the season is a wash and its time to start building for next year. While the Texas team we saw today is no where near a national championship caliber squad its unlikely that they're going to drop two games in conference and leave the door open for OU to return to a fourth consecutive conference championship game. It's even more unlikely that the Sooners are going to run the table to even make that type of scenario even possible! It is what it is and it's a down year for OU football.

Oklahoma now has six games left to get a head start on next season. That's six games to get the offensive line to gel and find a replacement for departing senior Trent Williams. Sox games to find a receiver who can catch the ball period, much less in a clutch situation. Six games to get Landry Jones turned into a seasoned veteran so that he can lead the team next year in Bradford's permanent absence. That is if Bradford is going to be absent.

I know, I know, after the way this season has gone he should be also but Bradford isn't really a dollar and cents type of kid. He's having a good time at OU and while all good things must come to an end Sam has made it clear that he'll choose when it does. Some think that he made a mistake by coming back and that should make it a no brainer that he leaves immediately after this nightmare of a season is over, seeing as how we know what's best for him. Personally I think that he'll call it quits at OU and head on to the NFL and I certainly don't blame him for doing so. If you're going to take a beating you might as well be getting paid for it. As I'm ready to thank him for his contributions to the program and wish him the best at the pro level I just can't shake his answer to one question last Tuesday. When asked if he'd like to have a four year career at Oklahoma like his pal Colt McCoy has had at Texas he indicated that it was at least a possibility.