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Texas Rant #2: You Coach Has Accomplished What?

I love how Texas fan never misses an opportunity to bag on Bob Stoops. The hate that oozes for a man that they deem to be a horrible coach is just so entertaining. If he's so bad at coaching then why do you, Texas fan, loath him so much. Oh yeah, that's right he gave you five of the most miserable years of your life from 2000-2005. Even funnier than the junior high barbs taken at Stoops by Texas fan is the fact that two graduating classes departed Texas having never beaten OU. Meanwhile the longest winning streak that Mack Brown has been able to string out against Stoops is two.

Of course here comes the typical, "Big Game Bob can't win the big game!" argument in response to the Longhorns' ineptness when it comes to their own accomplishments on the gridiron. Mack Brown took over as the head man for the Longhorns in 1998 and eight years later he finally accomplished something that Bob Stoops did in just his second year of being a head coach. In fact, Mack Brown started his head coaching career in 1985 and yet that 2005 season is his only accomplishment. That's good enough to put him in the same category as Gary Barnett, John Mackovic, R.C. Slocum, Bill Snyder and Frank Solich as coaches who've won a single Big 12 Conference Championship. Bob Stoops stands alone as the only coach who has won two, three, four, five or six.  

It isn't like Brown hasn't had opportunity though. We all remember the 2001 Big 12 Championship game when Mack Brown sold the Texas title chances to Chris Simms. In 2006 Texas dominated OU 28-10 in the Cotton Bowl but yet is was the Sooners playing Nebraska in the Big 12 Championship game thanks to Longhorn letdowns to Kansas State and Texas A&M to end the season. In 2007 Oklahoma dropped conference games at Colorado and Texas Tech leaving the door open for the Longhorns to play Missouri for the conference championship but Mack Brown slammed that door shut the Friday after Thanksgiving with another loss to Texas A&M. Then there was last year and the game in Lubbock. Oh what a miserable night that must have been as Mack worked his magic once again. That's right Texas fan, Mack Brown has a tendency to pull his pants down on national television as well. Oh you're right it's not like he's losing a big game like you bag on Stoops for. He's giving away games to lesser opponents preventing him from getting to the big games. Last year when Oklahoma needed a Texas loss to get back into the national title hunt it wasn't just hoped for by us Sooner fans, it was expected! Why? Because you have Mack Brown on your sideline!

Texas fan says, but...wait...Mack Brown does it the right way by recruiting good kids and Bob Stoops will take anyone. Come on? Both teams have players whose character can't be questioned and they've both had the bad seeds. Do we really need to rehash the thieves, pot heads, drug dealers, drunk drivers and racists of the Mack Brown era? At one point there was so much pot going around the Texas locker room it appeared that Bob Marley had become the official spokesperson for the Longhorns.

Yes, Texas fan it is your right to hate Bob Stoops and you do such a good job at it. This Saturday as a 3.5 point favorite Mack Brown has a great chance to beat Bob Stoops. Of course you'll say that its Texas dominance as the Longhorns have won 4 of the last 5 while forgetting it's actually 4 of the last 10 against Bob Stoops. Mack Brown has won only 40% (and subsequently lost 60%) of his games against this terrible coach Bob Stoops that you love to hate in the last decade. That's got to make you feel really warm and fuzzy inside. You know if the situation was reversed and OU had a coach with only a 40% winning percentage against the archrival coach and a propensity to give away Big 12 championships over the last 10 years I'm fairly certain that changes would be made. You just keep on hating our coach (you've got plenty of reason to) and we'll keep laughing at yours.