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Broyles Returns To Practice/Brian Simmons Won’t Play

Oklahoma's offensive line issues got a little worse this evening with the news that senior left guard Brian Simmons won't play Saturday against Texas. Simmons left the field with a right knee injury in last Saturday's game against Baylor. Stoops said that he wasn't going to get into the specifics of the injury or the length of time that Simmons will be out but offensive line coach James Patton said that they're hoping to have him back soon. I guess that the bad juju is still working against the Sooners.  

"It just gives another guy an opportunity to play-a guy like Stephen Good who has played quite a bit, Tyler Evans, Tavaris Jeffries, Brian Lepak and those guys," offensive line coach James Patton said. "It's like anything. The next guy's got to step up and play and play well and be consistent and be excited about it because this is a great opportunity."

Meanwhile there was some good news coming from practice on Monday when receiver Ryan Broyles returned to the field keeping the hope alive that he could return to action this Saturday against the Longhorns. While nothing is certain yet it sure would go a long ways having a proven receiver in the lineup against the Longhorn defense.

"We'll get into that later in the week, but there's a chance he (Broyles) could play," Stoops said. "I'm not going to be definitive on anybody. They'll all have a chance but Brian."