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Texas Rant #1: The Sacred Cow!

This is pretty much what OU fans think of Texas football

Beef! In Texas it's worshipped more than the Sacred Cow of Hinduism. In Oklahoma it's what's for dinner! As OU fans we catch a lot of grief from those south of the border for having the name Sooners across the fronts of our jerseys, but at least our mascot doesn't poop on the field. Sure the term represents those who crossed the boarder (some legally/some illegally) before the designated time but there are actual people and an actual event in American History represented with the Oklahoma mascot.

What could a cow possibly represent? A castrated bull at that! Let's look at the things that we (people) do with cows. We buy and sell them like the commodity that they are. We put them in arenas and either try to ride them or make them mad by getting them to chase a red blanket while throwing spears at them. We milk them. We put them in pastures and let them wonder aimlessly knowing that as a heard they'll follow anyone who drives a pickup truck or has a bail of hay, if they don't get lost from being spooked by a dog or eaten by a coyote first. Oh yeah, we also eat them! That is actually what the Longhorn is bred for.

A cow is in the sheep category of dumbness, and Texas fans are proud of that. The next time a Texas fan harasses you about the Oklahoma mascot just stay the course. Remind them that there were two types of Sooners (legal and illegal) and the majority of the ones who crossed into the territory illegally came from Texas. By the way, Sooners are still crossing to the north side of the Red River from Texas so that they can win Big 12 Championships but we'll get to that in a later rant. Remind them that the Sooner has a significant place in history of our nation and that the Longhorn is a pitifully stupid animal that is ultimately heading to the slaughterhouse and quite possibly the dumbest mascot in the Big 12.