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An Easy Response To The Hate! Post BCS Championship Game Thoughts

Let the haters hate! That’s the recurring theme that kept going through my mind as I traveled across the Republic of Panama today. Of course we can’t ignore the fact that Oklahoma lost yet another national championship game and we have to understand that such a loss brings on an entire new slew of hate towards the OU football program. However, we also shouldn’t ignore the accomplishments of the program just to make it to such prestigious bowl games. The result of such success brings on a ton of haters who are motivated by jealousy.


Of course a lot of the bile excreted on this site (and others for that matter) comes from Texas fans. I’ll be quick to admit that not all Texas fans are bad. In fact the reality is that most of them are level headed, upstanding citizens. Just choosing to root against Oklahoma doesn’t make you a bad person. Posting ridiculously stupid comments on the internet because you are jealous of a superior program does though. Of course they won’t admit that they aren’t an inferior program so I encourage all OU fans to adapt the following response when dealing with all haters.


“When your football coach wins six conference championships I’ll listen to what you have to say!”


A lot will be said about choke jobs done by Bob Stoops and while losing championship games on any level is disappointing consider this for a second. Since 1999 Mack Brown has beaten Bob Stoops four times putting him in the driver’s seat to win the Big 12 South but has only turned that into 1 conference championship. Does that sound like a fan base that has a right to call another coach overrated?


Thank you very much Bob Stoops! I hope you stick around forever because we could be paying a ton of money to a guy who has only produced one conference title in twenty years as a head coach.


Final Thoughts On The Game


  • OU’s defense played very well – If you were to tell me before kickoff that the Gators would only score 24 points then I would have guaranteed victory. Oklahoma’s defense pressured Tim Tebow, forced two turnovers and but the Sooners in position to win the game.


  • Tim Tebow is a man among boys – Let’s place credit where it belongs and give this man his due. He overcame his early mistakes and willed the Gators to victory.


  • The game was lost in the second quarter – Oklahoma yielded 0 points after two trips into the Red Zone. If OU had scored even 10 points in those trips this would have been a different game as Florida would have been forced to play catch-up in the second half.


  • A total of 17 points were left on the field – Two trips deep into the Red Zone and a blocked field goal. That really stings when you lose by 10 points.