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BCS Championship Game Predictions Thread

In a perfect example of impeccably bad timing I am on an airplane bound for the Republic of Panama today. Don’t worry, barring a mishap in immigration or customs I should be in front of a television by 8:15 Eastern to watch the game. I just most likely won’t be here on the game thread with you fine people.


Time will crawl by for me because I’ll be on an airplane all day but it won’t go any faster for those of you at work or in school either. So I thought that I would schedule this middle of the day thread for predictions and discussions on things like your keys to the game and such. Have fun and keep that clock ticking forward!


My Prediction: 42-35 OU


(Keys to the game are in the posts below)


Boomer Sooner!!

And cue the classless comments by Texas fans in 3..2..1..