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Talkin` Gators, Part III: Final Thoughts From A Florida Fan

We hooked up one more time with our man Gatorpilot from Orange and Blue Hue, an outstanding Florida fansite, to get his final thoughts on the national championship game Thursday night. You can head over there later this week to find my thoughts for the Gator fans but for now let’s see what Gatorpilot has to say.

CC Machine: What match-up concerns you most in this game?

GP: Bradford vs. Florida's secondary.  Our hope is that the UF defensive backfield is the best that Oklahoma has seen this year and that Bradford will have a tougher time getting the balls to his playmakers.  This concern has more to do with Bradford's amazing ability and less to do with any fear that our secondary isn't up to par.

CC Machine: Where do you have the most confidence?

GP: Tebow.  First, last, and always.

CC Machine: Oklahoma has to play the Gators in the state of Florida. Does that provide UF a little extra advantage and motivation to win a championship in their home state?

GP: We're hoping it will be a home game atmosphere.  The weak economy might keep the ratio a little more evenly-distributed than it would be in better years, but the general thinking is that this should be a home-field advantage for the Gators.  Most fans who live in Florida can drive to Miami -- the cost of tickets is another matter.

CC Machine: Keys to the game. What must Florida do to win this game?

GP: In our view, Murray's absence hurts Oklahoma most in terms of field position; the other disadvantage comes on third down, where we've found Murray to be one of Bradford's favorite targets, particularly on flare-outs and screens, and/or checkdowns when his primary targets are covered downfield.  The question is, can Mossis Madu fill in that role?

So if
Florida can get the short field on kickoff, and keep Oklahoma near their 20 when kicking to the Sooners, there's a built-in advantage for the Gators' offense.

During the game, if
Florida is able to put Bradford in 3rd-and-long consistently, Florida wins this game.  So it comes down to Florida's defense.  If they play to their ability we believe the Gators' chances to win the game are reasonably good.

CC Machine: Give us your score prediction.

GP: Florida 42, Oklahoma 34.