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Oklahoma Makes Reuben Randle’s Final Three

National signing day is now less than a week away and Reuben Randle remains one of the nation’s top uncommitted recruits and Oklahoma remains in the hunt for his services. Also making the shortlist for the nation’s second ranked player are the Alabama Crimson Tide and the LSU Tigers. Randle is from the state of Louisiana (Bastrop) giving the Tigers home field advantage but even a power move by some of the state’s political leaders couldn’t get Randle to make a commitment before February 4th.


Looking through my Crimson and Cream glasses Oklahoma appears to be the obvious choice. With the departures of Quinten Chaney, Juaquin Iglesias and Manny Johnson receivers are a premium in this year’s recruiting class and for the Sooners it is looking pretty thin at that position right now. Randle can come to Norman and make an immediate impact with his 6-3, 195 pound frame.


You can’t really say that for Alabama though. While Randle has the talent to get on the field at any university in the country as a true freshman the top receiving spot isn’t open at Alabama like it is at OU. Julio Jones burst on the scene in Tuscaloosa this past season and already having a year under his belt means that Reuben Randle would more than likely be playing second fiddle for at least two years.


Another issue at both Alabama and LSU when it comes to landing a big time receiving prospect is the quarterback position. John Parker Wilson is graduating from Alabama and Jarrett Lee is returning to LSU. Basically the Tide will be breaking in a new quarterback and with Lee’s 16 interceptions to 14 touchdowns the Tigers might as well be.


All three schools have program prestige but only Oklahoma offers an established quarterback and immediate impact player possibilities. Ultimately the decision will be based on what Randle truly desires and unfortunately for Oklahoma that may be staying close to home.