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1/19 Big 12 Basketball Power Rankings


OK Sooner fans, every team has played at least two Big 12 conference games so it is time to do some Power Rankings for this week. I am moving this from Wednesday's to Mondays since the Big 12 has the showcase of Big Monday. So without further a dieu onto the rankings:


  1. Oklahoma (17-1, 3-0) - The Sooners are the team to beat in the Big 12 this year. They followed up a great home win vs. Texas with a very good road win over Texas A&M, who hadn't lost at home before yesterday. 
  2. Kansas (13-4, 2-0) - Kansas is the only other unbeaten in conference play with wins vs. K-State and at Colorado. Kansas is still a very young team and probably won't be at the two spot for long, but Cole Aldrich is the best Center in America.
  3. Texas (13-4, 2-1) - The Longhorns have the most impressive losses of all the Big 12 teams. They followed up their loss at Oklahoma with a blowout at Texas Tech. Texas has to get better guard play, and when Texas' guards do show up, they are just as good as Oklahoma.
  4. Baylor (14-3, 2-1) - Baylor really doesn't have a bad loss on the schedule but their best wins are over Arizona St. and Oklahoma St. Baylor isn't very deep but they are the only team with all 5 starters averaging double figures.
  5. Missouri (15-3, 2-1) - Missouri is the surprise team this season in the Big 12. They really don't have a signature win and their two Big 12 wins were over Colorado and Iowa St., but if they can shoot the way they did Saturday against Iowa St. they will be very dangerous.
  6. Texas A&M (15-3, 1-2) - The Aggies are going to be one of the tougher teams to beat at home. Josh Carter is still one of the most underrated players in the Big 12. Texas A&M started off their toughest 4 game stretch of the year with a win over Baylor and a loss in the 2nd game to Oklahoma. Up next comes games at Kansas and at Texas.
  7. Nebraska (12-4, 2-1) - The Huskers have never been a basketball powerhouse but they have had a solid season so far. They have a very solid Big 12 win over Missouri but not much else. They get their chance for a big win at Oklahoma on Wednesday.
  8. Oklahoma St. (12-4, 1-1) - The Cowboys are an interesting team. They also have five players who average double figures but they are all guards. Travis Ford has them playing better and more in his run and gun system but with the lack of any inside game at all, the Cowboy will struggle to get to .500 in league play.
  9. Iowa St. (12-6, 1-2) - The Cyclones played Texas tough and scored a big win over Nebraska but really stuggled against Missouri on Saturday. I have yet to really see the Cyclones play this season so 9 might be too low but I haven't been impressed by any of the wins that they have.
  10. Texas Tech (10-7, 0-2) - The Red Raiders opened with two tough games against Baylor and Texas. The Red Raiders seem to me to be a team void of a go to player and just full of role players. They have had some games when they score a ton of points, they average 80ppg, but they also give up a lot of points, 78 ppg.
  11. Kansas St. (11-6, 0-3) - The Wildcats have struggled after losing a significant ammount of their team last season. Their Big 12 schedule has been very tough so far with losses against Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska and their non-conference schedule is also void of any siginficant wins.
  12. Colorado (8-8, 0-2) - If Kansas St. doesn't have a significant win, Colorado really doesn't. Add to that they didn't look competitive against Missouri or Kansas so far in Big 12 play, and Colorado is looking at a last place finish.

Big games this week:

  • Big Monday: Texas A&M at Kansas 8:00pm on ESPN
  • Wednesday: Nebraska at #5 Oklahoma 8:00pm on ESPNU & Missouri at Oklahoma St. 8:00pm on ESPN Full Court
  • Saturday: #23 Baylor at #5 Oklahoma 3:00pm on ESPNU & Texas A&M at #15 Texas 7:00pm on ESPNU