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Big 12 Breakdown: How They Look After Non-Conference Games

The non-conference part of the Big 12 schedule is over and conference play begins this weekend with the six ranked teams playing the six unranked teams. Obviously we learned this past weekend that nothing is a given in college football but should the Big 12’s six ranked teams all come away with wins it would set the stage for some monster match-ups the following weekend, highlighted by a Top 5 match-up at the Red River Shootout. Here’s how the conference looks heading into next week.

Team Record Ranking
Oklahoma 4-0 AP #1
USA Today #1
Missouri 4-0 AP #4
USA Today #3
Texas 4-0 AP #5
USA Today #5
Texas Tech 4-0 AP #7
USA Today #8
Kansas 3-1 AP #16
USA Today #16
OSU 4-0 AP #21
USA Today #22
Colorado 3-1 NR
Nebraska 3-1 NR
Kansas State 3-1 NR
Baylor 2-2 NR
Texas A&M 2-2 NR
Iowa State 2-2 NR

When you consider the level of quarterback play in the Big 12 it shouldn’t be a surprise at all that ten of the twelve conference schools are averaging 30-plus points per game. Only Colorado and A&M fail to reach that margin. What really stands out to me is where Texas Tech ranks offensively in the conference. When you consider their schedule they should be near, or at, the top instead of in the middle of the pack. They are producing a bunch of yards but compared to the upper level conference teams not enough points.

Team Points/G Yards/G
Missouri 53.8 595.5
OSU 51.8 562.5
Oklahoma 49.8 526.5
Texas 49.5 482
Kansas State 47 441.3
Texas Tech 45.8 572.8
Nebraska 37.5 421
Kansas 35.3 473
Baylor 34.3 429.8
Iowa State 32 348.3
Colorado 26.8 340.5
Texas A&M 21.5 297.8

Defense is where the rubber meets the road. There are a lot of schools who can score a lot of points but what you really want is that perfect combination of offensive production and defensive dominance. Compare where Texas and OU rank both offensively and defensively with Missouri and Oklahoma State and see if it doesn’t raise an eyebrow.

Team Points Allowed/G Yards Allowed/G
Texas 10.8 303.3
Oklahoma 13 253
Kansas 15.3 312.3
Texas Tech 16 346
Nebraska 19.5 354.8
Missouri 20.8 378.5
OSU 21.8 322.8
Kansas State 22.8 370.5
Colorado 23.5 335
Baylor 23.8 314
Iowa State 24 363.5
Texas A&M 24.5 366.8

All of these numbers should change over the remainder of the season as the level of competition steps up. Colorado played the most difficult non-conference schedule in the Big 12 which makes their stats a little more respectable. Oklahoma State and Missouri fans should be a little concerned because if the cupcakes are going to average more than 20 points against you what are the Big 12 offenses going to do? Then there is Iowa State and Texas A&M who rank last in both offensive and defensive stats. There isn’t enough space on the internet to tell you how bad that is for them.