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OU Now Has 1 More Thing To Play For Saturday

It isn’t often that we go into a college football weekend knowing what will happen but thanks to Oregon State’s upset of USC Thursday night we do know that a new team will be crowned as the nation’s #1 team this weekend. Suddenly Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida and LSU are suddenly that much more focused going into Saturday’s games.


You would think that Oklahoma (currently #2) would be the first to have the opportunity to earn the top spot. Oklahoma has put together an impressive resume through their first three games and will host a nationally ranked TCU squad Saturday night. The Sooners lead the nation in scoring offense (54.7 ppg) and are 4th in yards per game (556.7). Defensively they are almost equally impressive. Oklahoma only allows 14 points per game (20th) and are allowing just 232.7 yards per game (8th).


If Oklahoma needed any extra motivation to come out and dominate TCU then here it is. Just a win won’t be good enough. Oklahoma has to win and win big. The reason why is because a lot of attention is being given to the Georgia/Alabama and rightfully so. Georgia is 3rd and Alabama’s #8 ranking trumps TCU being 24th. An impressive win over Bama could boost the Bulldogs past the Sooners to the Top spot. That is why nothing but total domination is acceptable Saturday night.