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The Fine Line Between Being A Fan And Being Stupid

To be completely honest I didn’t harbor any hard feelings towards TCU for beating Oklahoma in 2005. Most of the players on this year’s Horned Frogs squad weren’t on the roster when TCU beat the Sooners17-10 in Norman. I was more frustrated with the state of Oklahoma’s program after losing the season opener following a 2004 season that ended bitterly than I was mad at TCU for winning a game.


I obviously didn’t hate TCU and while I want the Sooners to win on Saturday I didn’t necessarily want them to crush, demolish and humiliate the Frogs leaving their fans in tears wondering why they didn’t realize earlier in life that purple was a girly color…until I came across this blog. Not really knowing how to breakdown or preview a football game the author here instead turns to degrading and insulting the team and the people of the state of Oklahoma. In some places he isn’t even smart enough to place the word Sooner instead of Oklahoma in his insults. I guess he wanted to make sure that Tulsa and OSU fans (both of which are mostly made up of Oklahomans as well) were covered just in case they wind up playing either of those schools. In that case he wouldn’t have to go through the painstaking agony of coming up with new material.


It made me think of those fans that every football program in America has (yes, even OU) and most of the regular fans of the school can’t stand. They are the ones who don’t know much more than the name of the team they support and how enunciate, “#1 Baby!” The ones who have limited vocabularies so they make us sit through profanity laced tirades. Well…people like this guy. How do these people not realize that they are an embarrassment to the fans, alums and programs that they cheer for?


As I’m typing this I’m watching USC get hammered by Oregon State and I’m reminded of USC fan. This is the guy who decided to come on to our game thread and bash Bob Stoops and Sooner fans following Oklahoma’s win over Washington instead of celebrating with So. Cal fans after the Trojans’ 35-3 over #5 Ohio State. Yep, I bet your buddies were proud of you!


Fan is short for fanatic. Meaning in our passion for the program that we support we often do things that are out of character. That is why the line is so thin between being a fan and being stupid. Be loud, buy a bunch of gear, paint your face, travel around the country and celebrate every Saturday in the fall. That is what true fans do but most importantly they fail to cross the line because they act with class.