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Is TCU The Strongest Defense Oklahoma Will Face?

Monday we took a look at the TCU offense and while they’ve put up some impressive numbers by far the most impressive aspect of the Horned Frogs football team is their defense. The Frogs have the nation’s top ranked defense only allowing 183 yards per game. They rank 6th in scoring defense only allowing 7.8 points per game. TCU has picked off 8 passes and returned 2 of them for touchdowns. Safety Steven Coleman is leading the way in the secondary with 3 picks and 1 score.

They run a 4-2-5 base defense and according to Bob Stoops they are very disciplined. You would think that facing only two linebackers would be a running back’s delight but that hasn’t been the case for opponents of TCU. The Frogs are only allowing 30.5 rushing yards per game forcing teams to try to move the ball through the air where five physical and athletic defensive backs are just waiting for a pick six opportunity.

The coverage by the secondary has made their pass rush very successful. TCU has registered 13 sacks in 2008 to go along with those 8 interceptions. They are led by defensive end Matt Panfill who has 3.5 sacks for 30 yards in loss. Leading the team in tackles is linebacker Robert Henson who has a total of 23.

The question at hand though, is this the best defense that Oklahoma will face during the regular season? Obviously the Frogs can’t boast of a top notch schedule but who can at this point of the season? Here’s how the Frogs defense stacks up against the rest of Oklahoma’s opponents and you decide for yourself where they rank among the teams that are left on the Sooners schedule.

Team Rushing Yards Allowed Passing Yards Allowed Total Points Allowed
TCU 122 610 732 7.8 P/G
OSU 383 492 875 21 P/G
KSU 491 482 973 18 P/G
Texas 199 823 1,022 11 P/G
Nebraska 233 809 1,042 14.3 P/G
A&M 630 553 1,183 27 P/G
Baylor 510 746 1,256 23.8 P/G
Texas Tech 400 984 1,384 16 P/G