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College Football Saturday Open Game Thread

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The Big 12 is already 1-2 this weekend but with an impressive win with Colorado’s 17-14 overtime victory over West Virginia. Kansas State and Baylor were road losers against the Big East and only Texas A&M has a marquee match-up left when Miami travels to College Station. Iowa State is the only conference team to play on the road today. They travel to Las Vegas to take on UNLV tonight. 


Big 12 Schedule (Times Central)

Buffalo at Missouri – 1:00

Miami (FL) at Texas A&M – 2:30

UMass at Texas Tech – 6:00

Sam Houston at Kansas – 6:00

Rice at Texas – 6:00

Iowa State at UNLV – 8:00

Nationally, the game I’m most interested in is the Florida/Tennessee game. The Gators should win but it shouldn’t be easy in Knoxville. Then we have Top 25 match-ups with #18 Wake Forest at #24 Florida State and #6 LSU at #10 Auburn. You would think that the LSU/Auburn game would be the national game of the week (and it will be promoted that way) but seriously, how excited can we get over watching at team that won 3-2 over Mississippi State last week?


National Games of Interest (Times Central)

Alabama at Arkansas – 11:30 am

Florida at Tennessee – 2:30 pm

Wake Forest at Florida State – 6:00 pm

LSU at Auburn – 6:45 pm

Georgia at Arizona State – 7:00 pm  


Feel free to leave all of your game day thoughts in the comments section below!