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2008 OU Football Intro – It’s Time!

If you haven’t yet had the opportunity to see Oklahoma’s intro video for home games here it is.

Gone is the, "There’s only one Oklahoma!" theme. Instead we are told that, "It’s time!" Time for what? Championship football? Well, hopefully but it isn’t like the Sooners haven’t been winning championships. OU is the first team to ever repeat as Big 12 Champions and they have a great opportunity to become the first to ever win three-in-a-row.

Because OU fans aren’t easily satisfied and always will demand more and because this Oklahoma football team wants to do more than just win a conference championship then it’s time to change the image of this team.

Right or wrong, Oklahoma had developed a reputation of being a finesse team and for being soft. That isn’t true for this Oklahoma team. If you get in their face they won’t back down. If you push they are going to push back. If you hit they are going to hit harder. The offense wants to punish those who try to make tackles and the defense takes it personally if you get a first down on them. If a defensive back tries to take on Jermaine Gresham one-on-one then he’d better pack a lunch. If an opposing quarterback is going to slip out of the pocket then the back-up quarterback had better be ready to take snaps.

As that video differs from the ones we’ve seen in years past so does this team. Oh it’s time alright. It’s time for Sooner fans to appreciate the greatness they’ve seen on the field to this point of the season.