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Big 12 Not Yet On Par With SEC

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On of the things that shouldn’t go unnoticed about ESPN’s Bruce Feldman is that he is a fan of college football and because of that he loves talking to fans about the game. Because OU is off this weekend there was no opponent beat writer to interview so I checked in with Feldman to get his take of the Big 12 Conference and the Oklahoma Sooners.


CC Machine: Let’s start in the Big 12 South. Is it a two horse race again between OU and Texas or do Texas Tech and Oklahoma State have what it takes to make a run at the Big 12 Championship this year?


Feldman: I think it’s a little more wide open although ou is the favorite. I think tech is dangerous although I'm still skeptical of the defense.


CC Machine: Same question for the North. Can anyone challenge Missouri?


Feldman: My hunch is no but I think K-state and Nebraska might surprise some people. Still, I think Mizzou has too much offense.


CC Machine: We feel that the Big 12 has the best quarterbacks, and possibly offenses, in the country but how do you think the conference as a whole stacks up against the other BCS conferences?


Feldman: I feel like the Big 12 has by far the best group of quarterbacks in the country. I think they've narrowed the gap with the SEC but still need the defenses of Mizzou, Texas and Texas Tech to get better before they can be looked at as on the level of the SEC.


CC Machine: Give us your general thoughts on the Sooners.


Feldman: They're really good on both lines and I think Bradford and the backs are terrific. I am not sold yet on the secondary but we’ll see how it holds up in conference.


CC Machine: I heard you over the weekend on ESNP Radio and you are very high on the USC Trojans. In your opinion what separates USC from Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida and Missouri?


Feldman: I think USC has the best defense in the country. They have great players at all three levels. Their offense is also good and Sanchez is playing with a lot of confidence. So far the young O line has been very impressive.


I have to agree with him of the Big 12’s defenses needing to catch up with the SEC in order for the conference to take the top spot in the country. However, the gap is as small as it has been in a long time.


You can check out Feldman’s take on the world of college football at and in ESPN The Magazine. You can also check out his newest book, Meat Market: Inside the Smash-Mouth World of College Football Recruiting.


Thanks for your time, Bruce!