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A Look At The Numbers: Quarterback

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Is this the face of Oklahoma's next Heisman winner?

As it stands right now thru the first three weeks of the 2008 college football season the "experts" at CBS Sportsline would give the Heisman Trophy to Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford. It’s hard to believe that just over a year ago we were wondering in the coaches made the right decision when they chose Bradford as the starter. Internet message boards were filled with "All we are asking him to do is not get us beat!" talk. Now, fast forward 14 months later and we are talking about the same guy as possibly being the best quarterback of the Bob Stoops era.

Oklahoma Quarterback Stats
Name Completions Percentage Yards TD’s INT’s
Sam Bradford 64-81 79% 882 12 2
Joey Halzle 15-19 78.9 135 1 1

Sam Bradford has been the best quarterback in college football to this point. After leading the nation in passing efficiency last year as a freshman he is currently second in the nation right now. He’s averaging over 10 yards a reception and he’s already a third of the way to his touchdown mark of last season.