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Was DeMarcus Granger A Victim Of A Cheap Shot? (Injury Update Included)


As we all saw on Saturday night beatdown of Washington, DeMarcus Granger left right before halftime because of a sprained foot. I am sure I wasn't alone in thinking something about that play looked a little fishy.

Now right before halftime, one of the Sooner linemen went offsides so the Center hiked the ball, even though the referee blew the whistle. Well DeMarcus Granger saw the ball snap and proceeded to blow through the Husky linemen who never moved.

Granger was rightly flagged for the personal foul but that wasn't the end of it.

On the next play three Husky linemen, guard Casey Bulyca, center Juan Garcia guard Jordan White-Frisbee decide to get retribution by triple teaming Granger and just mugging him to the ground even after the play was dead. Granger left after that play with the injury.

Now I am not trying to say that the Washington trio was taking a cheap shot at Granger, but the Washington trip was taking a cheap shot at Granger.

Coach Stoops is taking the high road saying that "there looked to be some of that. It's unfortunate any time any of that happens. But there is always a lot of rough and tough play inside so nobody here is whining about it.'' in his conference call today.

Of course when you are getting beaten phyiscally up and down the field and on the scoreboard to the tune of 34-0, some players get angry and act like a child.