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Oklahoma vs. Washington Football Open Game Thread

Ou_medium  Washington_medium


Seattle, Washington

Kickoff Time: 6:45 p.m. (Central)

Television: ESPN

Total Average Offense Yards (Rank)

Oklahoma 539.5 (11th), Washington 289.5 (97th)  

Average Points Scored (Rank)

Oklahoma 54.5 (6th), Washington 18.5 (98th)

Average Yards Allowed (Rank)

 Oklahoma 181 (8th), Washington 485.5 (112th)

Average Points Allowed (Rank)

 Oklahoma 14 (28th), Washington 36 (101st)

Oklahoma can only beat themselves today. In every aspect of the game Oklahoma is at an advantage. It should be a blowout win for the Sooners but regardless just win baby!

Official Machine Prediction: 45 -17 OU

Boomer Sooner!!!