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College Football Saturday Open Game Thread

The OU/Washington Game Thread will be up later this afternoon (around 2:00) but for now let’s talk about college football at large. The Sooners are the last Big 12 team to kickoff and since the Texas Longhorns can’t figure out what to do when it rains the only other game I am interested in the Big 12 today is Missouri at home against Nevada. The Tigers should win comfortably but Nevada is no slouch. Iowa State at Iowa could be interesting as well.


Kansas played the best opponent this week of the Big 12 schools and I think the Jayhawks may have been exposed a little. Kudos to Baylor for having a winning record after three games. Hold your breath though conference play is just around the corner.


Big 12 Schedule (Times Central)

Iowa State @ Iowa – 11:00 AM

Nevada @ Missouri – 11:30 AM

Missouri St. @ OSU – 12:05 PM

SMU @ Texas Tech – 6:00 PM

New Mexico State @ Nebraska – 6:00 PM

OU @ Washington – 6:45 PM


On the national scene there are a few games worth checking in on this weekend. UCLA at BYU is an interesting match-up. The Bruins are a fringe Top 25 team and the Cougars are a ranked team who received a gift from Pac 10 officials last week to escape a very bad Washington team.


Georgia at South Carolina has some merit as well because it will be the first true test for the Bulldogs. Georgia hasn’t played on the road yet this season and the other USC should never be overlooked. They’ll put up a fight.


Wisconsin at Fresno State is another game I’ll be checking in on. In my opinion the Badgers could be the best team in the Big 10 and, yes, I do realize that isn’t saying much. Regardless Fresno State has been waiting for this day for a long, long time after traveling across the country to play anyone.


Finally there is the game of the week, Ohio State at USC. What do we know about these two teams? They both have a lot of big name talent but neither have played anyone. You would think that Virginia would be favored to win the ACC after all the love USC received from traveling to the east coast in beating them. I guess when East Carolina brings the thunder on the Cavilers in a few weeks we’ll vote the Pirates at the #1 team in the country.


Here’s the national games I’ll be watching or checking in on today. (Times Central)


UCLA @ BYU – 2:30 PM

Georgia @ South Carolina – 2:30 PM

Ohio State @ USC – 7:00 PM

Wisconsin @ Fresno State – 9:30 PM


Those are my thoughts. Let me know yours!