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DE Frank Alexander Injured in Altercation

Initial reports are still very sketchy but apparently OU defensive end and freshman basketball guard Ray Willis were injured early Monday morning in an altercation and had to be treated at the hospital. This is a story that has been developing all day and I was waiting confirmation before posting it.


Norman Regional Hospital Public information officer, Brenda Finkle, confirmed that Alexander had been treated and subsequently released at the hospital late Sunday night/early Monday morning. Reports were that his injuries were caused by a knife and were on his arm or arms and that he is expected to be back to 100% in 7-10 days. There aren’t any confirmed reports on the extent of Willis’ injuries and while I’ve heard rumors I’ll not post them until I receive confirmation. He is expected to make a full recovery though!


Witnesses say that neither of the athletes instigated the “fight” and there injuries occurred while defending themselves after being attacked. The attack happened at a private party that was attended by many OU students and the apparent motive had to do with the athlete’s dates.