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2008 Season Preview: Secondary


The most criticized unit on the Sooner football team the past few years has been the secondary. This unit has shown tremendous promise at times and has caused extreme frustration at others. Gone from last year’s team are Reggie Smith, DJ Wolfe and Marcus Walker leaving some huge holes to fill particularly on the corners.

If the season were to start today (meaning this very well could change before August 30th) the starting secondary would look like this.

Sam Proctor
Nic Harris
Lendy Holmes
Brian Jackson

That means that Oklahoma won’t have a returning starter at the same position in the secondary in `08. Nic Harris is making the move from strong safety to free safety to fill the spot left vacant by Lendy Holmes who is moving back to corner. To me the name that is surprisingly missing is Dominique Franks who dominated the spring game. Franks is right now the back-up to Holmes and it appears he’ll have to wait his turn to get on the field.

However, if for some reason Keenan Clayton doesn’t work out at strong side linebacker the next best option (according to Venables) is to put Nic Harris there. That would move Holmes back to Free Safety opening up the corner spot for Franks to step in.