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Oklahoma Is The 2nd Best Team In The Big 12?

Our newest friend to the Big 12 blogosphere is Tim Griffin over at ESPN. Tim has been doing a great job giving us Big 12 news ever since ESPN started their College Football blog system, and for the most part I have agreed with about everything Tim has had to say about the Sooners.

Well that was until today.

Tim released his first set of Big 12 power rankings and while most of his ranking seem on point and passable, there is just one big glaring difference that most, if not all Big 12 fans would notice:


1. Won't be satisfied unless they claim school's first conference title in 39 years.

Defensive playmakers needed if Sooners have three-peat hopes.



Now nothing against Missouri, they are a very talented team who will be loaded this year but putting the two-time defending Conference Champions in 2nd just doesn't make sense. Missouri has yet to prove that it can beat the Sooners.

I see where Tim is coming from saying that we need someone to replace Curtis Lofton as our big playmaker on defense, but I still think that until someone beats the Champs, they should be number 1 in the conference power rankings. Plus, aren't Auston English, Nic Harris, DeMarcus Granger, Gerald McCoy, & Lendy Holmes playmakers?

I do, however, look forward to the Big 12 Championship game when the undefeated Sooners face the undefeated Tigers for the Big 12 Title and a trip to the National Title Game. So we can prove once again that we are better than Missouri.