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Football Practice Starts – Jersey Numbers For The New Guys

The 2008 Sooners have officially began organized team practices and Bob Stoops seemed pleased after the first session on Monday.

"We worked on just about everthing, every part of the game," said Stoops. "I saw a lot of good things. There was excellent carry over from spring practice and that's always something you look for in your early August workouts. The guys really looked good.”

Of course all of the practices but two and all of the scrimmages are closed to the public because the Sooners are putting some new wrinkles into the no huddle offense we saw in the spring.


The only thing I found truly news worthy from Monday’s practice was the release of jersey numbers for the new guys. So if you’re looking for the newest Sooners here is what number to look for.


WR – Jameel Owens #4

LB – Mike Balogun #10

QB – Landry Jones #12

DB – David Sims #16

DB – Lamar Harris #19

LB – JR Bryant #21

RB – Jermie Calhoun #23

WR – Dejuan Miller #24

RB – Justin Johnson #25

LB – Daniel Franklin #31

K – Tress Way #36

LB – Joseph Ibiloye #41

DL – Casey Walker #53

OL – Ben Habern #60

OL – Stephen Good #77

TE – James Hanna #82

DE – David King #90

DE – RJ Washington #91

DL – Stacy McGee #92