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Mocs vs. Sooners Game Thread

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It’s our first game thread of the 2008 college football season! Let me remind you how this works. You use this thread to post all of your thoughts about the Sooners and Mocs before, during and after the game. Predictions, frustrations, rants or whatever else you want to add about tonight’s game. It all belongs here!

Another great new feature we have this year is the fanposts and fanshots found on the right sidebar. If you snap some photos in Norman today make sure to share them with us!

Kickoff is set for 6:10 pm. The game is only televised as a pay-per-view event so if you aren’t one of the 85,000 people in the stands then you are stuck dishing out $30 to Cox Cable or listing to it on the radio.

The game itself really shouldn’t be much in the way of competitive as the Mocs are possibly the worst team in their conference. There is no official point spread for the game but if there were I would expect the Sooners to have it covered by halftime.

Feel free to share your game predictions and thoughts below.

Official Machine Prediction: 73-3, Sooners!