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Big 12 Roundtable: Preseason Edition

As the first game week is quickly approaching (less than 48 hours) it is time once again to call all the Big 12 bloggers together to talk about some pre-season stuff. Feel free to leave your own answers below and then follow the links to read our fellow Big 12 blogs. Roundup is coming on Wednesday!


There has been lots of talk this pre-season about scheduling. Colorado has arguably the strongest schedule but who do you think has the weakest and which cream puff on your team's schedule do you wish wasn't there?


Regardless of the reason behind it there is absolutely no reason that Texas Tech has to run the gauntlet of Eastern Washington, at Nevada, SMU and Massachusetts. The Red Raiders are already getting a lot of publicity but that schedule won’t lead to any respectability.

As far as the Sooners are concerned I really wish that Chattanooga wasn’t on the schedule. While I’m excited for the season to get started it is bittersweet because we have to wait another week to see OU host a legitimate opponent.  


As a whole the Big 12 has the best quarterbacks in the country. Make a case for your quarterback being one of the conference's top signal callers and tell us which other conference quarterback you would pick to replace him if you had to.


Well, Sam Bradford just completed the best freshman season for a quarterback, ever. He was tops in the conference in quarterback rating as well as yards per completion and second only to Graham Harrell in completion percentage and touchdowns. Oh yeah, and there was the whole leading his team to a Big 12 Championship.


In absence of Bradford there is a ton of talent to choose from around the conference but the problem is they are all flawed compared to the “Bradford Standard”. Graham Harrell may be the obvious choice but Texas Tech quarterbacks have the “system” label and until the mold is broken I don’t want any part of it. Chase Daniel would talk a bigger game than he would actually play and then we’d have to listen to him whine when he didn’t deliver. Colt McCoy wouldn’t be able to get up should Duke Robinson miss a block so that leaves me with my final choice. I’ll take the most underrated quarterback in the conference the Kansas Jayhawks’ Todd Reesing.  


Going into the season which unit for your team are you most confident in, offense or defense?


It has to be the offense! How could it not be? I believe that the defense will be fine but there are questions at linebacker and in the secondary. 

Last season the offense scored an average of 43.4 points per game and returns talent and experience at every position. Opponents are going to have to pick their poison when they play the Sooners because stopping every facet of this offensive attack will be as close to impossible as you can get. Also, don’t forget that Oklahoma is moving to the no-huddle to produce more plays which will undoubtedly lead to more yards and more scoring opportunities.


Who is the new guy on you squad that will be a household name among your fan base before the season ends.


This time last year Ryan Broyles was making headlines for all the wrong reasons and was forced to take a disciplinary redshirt. After being the single most impressive player in the spring he is still drawing praise from coaches for being a playmaker this summer. He’ll play the slot position for Oklahoma and play it well.


Prediction time! Tell us how the north and south divisions will wind up.  


Oklahoma (11-1)

Texas Tech (10-2)

Texas (8-4)

Oklahoma State (7-5)

Texas A&M (6-6)

Baylor (4-8)



Missouri (11-1)

Kansas (9-3)

Nebraska (7-5)

Colorado (7-5)

Kansas State (6-6)

Iowa State (3-9)