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Big 12 Predictions

As our final week of 2008 season previews winds down we still need to breakdown linebackers, running backs and quarterbacks but I thought we’d take a break and throw out some predictions for the conference. Here is how I see it shaking out. Kansas City is cold in December! Advantage Missouri?

North Predictions


The Tigers have 14 returning starters and a softer schedule than 2007. One thing to note is that Missouri gave up an average of 19.5 points per game on `06 and 23.3 in `07
Kansas_medium The Jayhawks return 15 starters but will see their schedule strength increase with Oklahoma, Texas and Texas Tech as opponents in `08.
Nebraska_medium The strength of the Huskers is in their offensive and defensive lines. Look for an improved team in `08 behind the leadership of a respectable coach.
Colorado_medium Darrell Scott is the future of Colorado football. This will be Hawkins best team yet but they face a brutal schedule
Kansas_st_medium Heavily relying on JUCO transfers can be a crap shoot.
Iowa_st_2008_medium The Cyclones will still be rebuilding in `08

South Predictions

Ou_medium 2008 and 2009 could mirror the run that Oklahoma made in 2003 and 2004.
Tech_medium I’ve been flirting with this since January now but I can’t make a better argument for another team to place 2nd in the south.
Texas_medium It isn’t the offense that concerns be for the Longhorns it’s the defense. Last year Texas gave up 25.3 points per game, which is a five year high, and they only return 4 defensive starters in `08.
Oklahoma_st_medium Defense should be the theme for O-State as well. They’ll only improve as much as their defense does.
Texas_am_old1_medium Only 10 returning starters combined with new offensive and defensive schemes could make for a long season
Baylor_old11_medium With 15 returning starters the Bears could be feisty this year but are destined once again for the cellar.