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2008 Season Preview: Defensive Line

According to Bob Stoops the defensive line is doing more than just holding their own against an offensive line that we already know to be massive and athletic. The point being made is that Oklahoma’s defensive line isn’t a bunch of slouches either. Led by junior defensive end Auston English the line has the ability to be one of the greats under Bob Stoops. As of August 15th the starting d-line looked like this.

Auston English
Gerald McCoy
Adrian Taylor
Alan Davis

DeMarcus Granger isn’t in a starting position at this point because of some back problems that have caused him to miss some practice time and the fact that Taylor has really gotten the attention of the coaches. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him move back into the starting lineup at some point though. Regardless of if he starts or not he’ll be in the rotation. Backing up McCoy is senior Corey Bennett.

The depth at defensive end is insane. There are about six guys in that rotation that could be starting and the fact that English and Davis are getting the nod speaks volumes of their talent. Behind the starters are Jeremy Beal and Frank Alexander and the there is John Williams and freshman R.J. Washington who will force their way on the field as well.