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Lendy Holmes Moves Back To Free Safety


How good is Dominique Franks? Good enough to push Lendy Holmes off the corner and back to free safety spot. Franks was a one man show at the spring game which caused me to wonder why he wasn’t starting in the secondary when we previewed defensive backs a week ago.

"It's been good having Lendy over there working with Dom, and in all honesty Dom's had a pretty good camp,” secondary coach Bobby Jack Wright said Thursday. "He's gotten much better the last couple of days.”

Since that time Franks has stepped up to force the issue and change the mind of OU’s defensive coaches. The move isn’t derogatory towards Holmes but rather an acknowledgment of his versatility. The odd man out now is Sam Proctor who will move from being penciled in as the starting strong safety to backing up Nic Harris who slides over from the free safety spot to strong safety. So as of right now the starting secondary looks like this:

Nic Harris
Lendy Holmes
Dominique Franks
Brian Jackson