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2008 Season Preview: O-Line


Oklahoma’s offensive line has the three things that all coaches want that particular unit to have – size, strength and depth. The starting five are all seniors and stand tall with Loadholt (6-8/337), Robinson (6-5/335), Cooper (6-3/290), Walker (6-3/284) and Braxton (6-6/304). That is an average of (6-5/310) just in case you were wondering.

Left Tackle
Phil Loadholt
Left Guard
Duke Robinson
Jon Cooper
Right Guard
Brian Walker
Right Tackle
Brandon Braxton

This unit has tons of the dreaded "P-Word" which really could make them one of the top units in the country but you can’t help but wonder how a group with this much potential was dominated in the Fiesta Bowl by a much smaller (though quicker) defensive counterpart.

The backups are good as well. So good in fact that we’ll see them trot out with the first team offense frequently throughout the season. Junior Trent Williams (6-5/308) will backup both of the guard positions and junior Brian Simmons (6-5/304) backs up the tackle positions.