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Oklahoma Is The 12th Most Prestigious Basketball Team Since 1984


To be totally honest, I was shocked to see OU in the top 15 of the most prestigious College Basketball teams since 1984-1985. They came in at number 12, which is higher than every single team in the Big 12 except Kansas. They are also the second highest team, behind Georgetown, that doesn't have a National Title.

Here is what ESPN had to say about the 12th ranked Sooner:

Positives: 10 conference titles (4 regular-season, 6 tourney); 20 20-win seasons; 4 30-win seasons; 19 NCAA berths; 5 No. 1 seeds, the fifth-most since 1984-85; 2 Final Fours; 6 All-Americans; win over No. 4-seeded Arizona in 1999; 0 losing seasons
Negatives: lost to 13th-seeded Louisiana-Lafayette in 1992, lost to 13th-seeded Manhattan in 1995, lost to 13th-seeded Indiana State in 2001
Total points: 221
Did you know? Despite not having a national title banner hanging from their rafters, the Sooners are ranked this high thanks to consistency. They never had a losing season in the past 24 years, and they won at least 20 games 20 times. Reasonable NCAA tournament success (five No. 1 seeds, two Final Fours and a title game appearance) puts OU in the top dozen.


Wow. I had known we had a very successful basketball team over the past 25 years but I had no idea how successful we had truly been.

Of the rest of the top 20, only Texas (#18) can also claim a Football National championship.

With all of that said, I feel safe in saying that Oklahoma is the most prestigious major sports program in the past 25 years, with Texas coming in second. 


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