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Josh Freeman Thinks He Is The Stuff!


I’m not at all going to question Kansas State quarterback Josh Freeman’s ability to play football or even his status as one of the better quarterbacks in the conference. A 57.6% completion ratio along with 5,133 yards over the last two seasons speaks for itself. What I take issue with is Freeman proclaiming himself as the best quarterback in the conference.

"I'd say I'm the best," Freeman said Tuesday on the second day of Big 12 Media Days. "That's my opinion because of what I bring to the table. The other guys are good quarterbacks, but I have supreme confidence in my ability as a quarterback and a playmaker."

Just spitballing here but shouldn’t the best quarterback in the league throw more touchdowns than interceptions? Freeman has tossed 24 touchdowns at KSU but also 26 picks. Not necessarily the type of numbers that’ll get you compared to Missouri’s Chase Daniel, Texas Tech’s Graham Harrell or even Oklahoma’s own Sam Bradford. But that doesn’t stop Freeman’s self-proclamation of the Big 12’s best gun slinger. In fact he’s so confident in his own ability that losing All-American receiver Jordy Nelson (122 catches for 1,606 yards and 11 touchdowns last season) to the Green Bay Packers won’t even be an issue.

"He was a good player … a great player, I'd say," Freeman said. "I was supposed to throw him the ball, so I threw him the ball. … Jordy was the best player on the team, and you want to get the ball to the best player on your team. That's what Oklahoma did when they had Adrian Peterson. We did the same thing with Jordy Nelson. He was the first read. It was fun playing for him.

"But I won't miss him at all."

You gotta love Big 12 Media Day just from the perspective that everything is rosy right now. Even Iowa State and Baylor are finding things to smile about at this point but I wouldn’t bet on that attitude remaining with all 12 schools six weeks into the season. Just like I wouldn’t bet on Josh Freeman putting up the best quarterback numbers in the conference.