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Jenna Plumley Won’t Play In 2008-09 Season

Sherri Coale has dropped the hammer on Jenna Plumley and she dropped it hard. She has been suspended indefinitely from the team and won’t participate in Oklahoma’s upcoming basketball season.

"There had been ongoing concerns with Jenna that culminated in a meeting within the last two weeks," Coale said in a statement. "During that meeting a plan was outlined for what our program expected from her. She has not met those expectations. I am concerned for Jenna and want to proceed in a way that is in the best interest of her education and our team. This is an unfortunate situation, but I am hopeful that it will produce the best results in the long run."

Sherri doesn’t play! I guess there is a lot more to this story that initially realized and Plumley seems to have some character issues. I’m on the side that allowing her to keep her scholarship is a good idea because it should allow her to prioritize what is truly important while feeling the sting of her mistake. Here’s to hoping Jenna gets on the right track.