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NFL Not Buying Big 12 Quarterbacks?

Occasionally I am compelled to rush to the defense of the Big 12 Conference (sometimes blindly and without ammunition) and this is one of those times. After being out of the country for a week I’m trying my best to get caught up on the sports scene but I can’t get past this article by Tom Dienhart of Rivals. In it he challenges that as good as the Big 12 is at the quarterback position the conference really doesn’t have an NFL prospect. He goes on to quote an NFL scout who describes “most” of the conference’s signal callers as being short quarterbacks who excel in their system.”

 Well, the conference may not have the tallest quarterbacks in the country but it sure has some really good ones. The only one who really gets called out in the article is Missouri’s Chase Daniel who I guess is only a smurf sized 5-10 but I would describe him as anything but a system quarterback. He took the Tigers to places that Brad Smith couldn’t go. So here’s my idea: Let’s take a look a look at the top quarterbacks in the conference and discuss what we think the NFL should think about them.


Sam Bradford, OklahomaThe “short” description doesn’t fit here as Bradford is the tallest quarterback to start for the Sooners at 6-4. However, Bradford is only a sophomore and shouldn’t be involved in any NFL discussions just yet.


Chase Daniel, Missouri – As Dienhart points out, if Doug Flutie can make an NFL roster Daniel shouldn’t have any problems. He’ll most likely be a Heisman finalists again this year and, in my humble opinion, should be a second or third round draft selection.


Josh Freeman, Kansas State – Freeman stands tall in the pocket at 6-6 but shares youth with Bradford and Hawkins as one of the Conference’s sophomores and not ready for an NFL conversation.


Graham Harrell, Texas Tech – Yes, he’s a system quarterback but he’s also putting up astronomical numbers even for QB’s of Texas Tech’s system. Many quarterbacks don’t throw for over 10,000 yards and 86 touchdowns in their entire careers. Harrell has done it just in the last two seasons! He’s got the size and the arm to be a first day selection.


Cody Hawkins, Colorado – Definitely a short quarterback and definitely young but you have to be impressed with his debut season. Like Bradford he’s still too young for any NFL discussions.


Colt McCoy, Texas – McCoy had the best season ever for a college freshman (well, at least he enjoyed it for a year before Bradford came along) and then fell on his face both literally and figuratively as a sophomore. This is a huge season for McCoy if he desires to play in the NFL because as of right now he’s looking at taking the undrafted free agent rout to getting there.


Todd Reesing, Kansas – Another smurf at 5-10 Reesing burst on the scene last season by leading a team that was less talented than Oklahoma and Missouri to a BCS bowl win. I would say that he would be a 6th or 7th round pick now but his stock could certainly rise or drop next season.


Zac Robinson, Oklahoma State – After finally wrestling away the starting quarterback position from Bobby Reid Robinson led the Cowboys to a bowl win last season and has fans dreaming of even bigger things to come. Robinson has all the tools to make an NFL roster and can prove it this season. I say that he would be an early second day pick at this point.


There, you have my take. Now its time for you to sound off!