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Smell That? Football is in the Air!

Yes, I know that it is only May 9th and it seems that football couldn't be more distant on the horizon but then you run across an article like this and suddenly the excitement hits you like a cold splash of water on the face early in the morning.

Tom Dienhart, formerly of The Sporting News, is the new college football writer for He debuts with his early preseason top 10 and while I won't spoil the entire list for you I'll let you know that there are two Big 12 schools on the list and the Sooners are #4.

Here's what he had to say about Oklahoma in 2008.

4. Oklahoma
With QB Sam Bradford and TB DeMarco Murray, the Sooners have the talent - and motivation after losing their past four BCS bowls - to get to their third BCS title game in six seasons.

Three months to wait isn't that long!