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Josh Jarboe’s Charges Reduced!

If I understand the story right Josh Jarboe pled guilty to both bringing a gun to school and carrying a pistol without a license on Tuesday but many of the teachers and faculty from the school showed up in the courtroom on Jarboe’s behalf. Because he was a first time offender and the number of people standing for Jarboe impressed the judge his charges were reduced from felony to misdemeanor apparently leaving the door open for him to join the Sooners this fall.

I’ve already expressed my feelings about Jarboe and honestly this doesn’t really change the way I feel. I’m glad to hear that he’s a good kid who is well liked by both his peers and his teachers but he is also a kid who brought a pistol to school. In my opinion that just can’t be overlooked.

I hope he has learned a valuable life lesson from this and I hope that if he does come to Norman that he is kept on a very tight leash with a one strike and you’re out policy. The future could still be very bright for Jarboe because he has caught a huge break here. I really hope he takes advantage of it and becomes a star but mostly I hope he proves me wrong that he could be a bad seed.