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Oklahoma’s Greatest Football All-American 1913 - 1920

The University of Oklahoma has had a total of 144 All-American football players. With that many nationally recognized football players is it possible to figure out who was the greatest of them all? Is it even fair to try? Well, over the next several weeks we’re sure going to give it a try. Obviously your help is required and comments are certainly welcome. We’ll post a few selections every other day with a brief bio and you vote for who you think was the greatest of that particular group.


Then in the next round we’ll put the winners of each group against each other. We’re going to start with the older players first and while there certainly will be a bias towards players you have personally seen I strongly you to cast your vote on career accomplishments rather than personal memories. Obviously we’re not going to get any first hand accounts from this first group of guys.


Claude Reeds, FB - 1913
In 1913, Claude Reeds became the first player from the University of Oklahoma to earn All-America honors. An extremely accurate passer, Reeds confused defenses while throwing on the run and other times turning it up field for long gains.

He was an outstanding punter, and was also used at end, where he was an outstanding blocker and equally adept on receptions. During the final game of his career against Colorado, Reeds had one of the greatest runs of his career as he took it 70 yards on a fake punt for a touchdown. Most observers said he must have run at least 200 yards on that play alone as he crisscrossed the field eluding Buffalo tacklers.

He was inducted into the National Football Foundation College Football Hall of Fame in 1961.

Forest "Spot" Geyer, FB - 1915
Forest "Spot" Geyer earned All-America honors in 1915. With an extremely strong arm, Geyer was the first great passer at the University of Oklahoma.

"Geyer could throw a ball 50 yards and hit a nickel with it every time," one of his teammates said. His spot passing was how he earned his nickname.

The all-conference selection also handled the kicking duties for the Sooners, but his deadly passes were a nightmare for opponents. During the 1915 season, Geyer was named captain of the team as he led the Sooners to a 10-win undefeated season, then the best in school history. He was inducted into the National Football Foundation College Football Hall of Fame in 1973.

Phil White, HB - 1920
In 1920, Phil White became the first halfback from Oklahoma ever to earn All-America honors. In the first year of the Missouri Valley Conference, the Sooners won the title with an impressive 6-0-1 record.

One of the team leaders, White played that year with a dislocated shoulder suffered the year before.

One of the most versatile players for the Sooners, White was one of the top rushers and passers, and on defense his strength and speed made tackling the opposition simple. He was also the return man and did most of the kicking chores for the Sooners.

He signed with the Kansas City Cowboys in 1924.

Roy "Soupy" Smoot, T - 1920
In 1920, Roy "Soupy" Smoot became the first lineman from OU to earn All-America honors. He had incredible speed for a player of his size; many people thought he was the fastest man on the team. He was about 30 pounds heavier than any of the other tackles.

The all-conference selection was also an outstanding blocker and tackler. An example of his amazing ability came against Nebraska in 1919, when he blocked a punt before it even left the kicker?s foot. He repeated the feat against Missouri later that year.

His notable play during the 1920 season helped the Sooners win the Missouri Valley Conference title.

Okay there you have it. Cast your vote!


Which of the following All-Americans was greatest?

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  • 14%
    Roy "Soupy" Smoot, T - 1920
    (3 votes)
  • 9%
    Phil White, HB - 1920
    (2 votes)
  • 28%
    Forest "Spot" Geyer, FB - 1915
    (6 votes)
  • 47%
    Claude Reeds, FB - 1913
    (10 votes)
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