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Nichol Transferring To Michigan State, Neysmith to Auburn

The Grand Rapids Press is reporting that former Sooner quarterback Keith Nichol will be heading back to Michigan State where he had initially committed to before coming to Oklahoma.

"My heart has always been at Michigan State," Nichol told the newspaper. "I've always been a real fan of there. I always dreamt of playing there.

"It was difficult having to change my mind the first time, but I was not comfortable with some of the changes there. I feel like I am back home now. It is where I want to be."

On the hardwood former OU guard Tony Neysmith is heading to Auburn. Both guys are good athletes and were just at OU at the wrong time. Buried on the depth chart with more talent coming in this season they both had uphill climbs just to get playing time.

I can't blame either one of them for their decision and wish them nothing but the best.