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The Sooners In The Cotton Bowl? decided that since it is never too early for College Football that they would give their way too early BCS and non-BCS bowl game predictions. They have a total of 9 Big 12 teams making bowl games this season, which is very good to see the conference so well represented, sorry Baylor, Iowa St, and Texas A&M. College Football News even has 2 Big 12 teams playing in BCS games, OU however, is not one of those teams.

While Missouri seems like a reasonable choice for a BCS bowl, since their only loss will be to OU in the Big 12 Title game in my opinion. The other choice to for the BCS Bowl game is a little bit of a surprise, Texas Tech.

Now I don't want this to seem like I am bashing Texas Tech or am just an OU fan/student who thinks we win every game, but I just don't see Tech being able to make that leap that is needed to become an elite in the conference. I know they are loaded on offense and I know that they beat us last year, but that game was in Lubbock. This year it is in Norman, and we just don't lose in Norman under Stoops (54-2). Last years game also would have been different had Sam Bradford hadn't got knocked out and the final TD that the refs said wasn't inbounds by Manuel Johnson when it really was, but whatever, that was last season.

College Football News has us playing Tennessee in the Cotton Bowl which isn't terrible, but would definitely be a disappointment for us Sooner fans. Oh well, this is mid-May and we are only 4 months away from kickoff.

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