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Sooner Scoop

I hate this time of the year! Living with the anticipation of the upcoming football season, followed by the hope of basketball and then the current disappointment with Sooner baseball can drive a person insane. That said there is some pertinent news out there about Oklahoma athletics but just enough for a few comments and not a full post.

I mentioned on Monday that Keith Nichol should look into transferring to Michigan but Eric Pate of the Detroit Free Press disagrees. Coincidently he paints Nichol as being a drop back passer and not necessarily a scrambling quarterback.

ESPN breaks down the Big 12 South pointing out the fact that spring ball answered questions about the secondary, Ryan Broyles and Keenan Clayton. It also raised questions about Sam Bradford, defensive identity and Ryan Reynolds at middle linebacker.

CSTV has a nice OU men's basketball year in review.