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Did Reggie Smith Make A Mistake?

The minute that Reggie Smith gets his signing bonus from the San Francisco 49ers he will have already made more money than I ever will from the NFL. So I'm writing this with the understanding that he had a successful career at OU and will most likely be successful as a pro.

The problem is that I am convinced that he could have made more and I feel that I'm not alone in that. Of Oklahoma's three underclassmen to declare for this year's NFL draft it was Smith who wasn't drafted until the second day going in the 3rd round to the 49ers.

The question is, do you come out after your junior season to go in the 3rd round? Curtis Lofton was honest in the fact that he wanted to move on to the next level and get paid. OU defensive coordinator Brent Venables even said that Lofton made the right decision to go. Malcolm Kelly obviously had some issues with the coaching staff and where he fit into the offensive game plan so it's understandable why he would go. Both Lofton and Kelly were told that they were second round guys and therefore enjoyed their draft experience.

Smith however was obviously disappointed to drop so low in the draft though. It was apparent he thought he could and would be a first day guy like his fellow underclassmen. So why did he come out? Would he have been worse than a third round pick next year? No! Could he have been a first or early second round guy with another year of college experience? Absolutely!

I wish Reggie nothing but the best and will look forward, with great anticipation, to watching his career unfold in the bay area. I just can't help but think that he could have done more and I have feeling that he's thinking the same thing.