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Time Running Out For Sooner Baseball

This baseball season has been feast or famine for Oklahoma. They've featsed on mid-week games but come conference play over the weekend's its nothing but famine. Now, as the season is winding down OU is in danger of not making the conference tournament.

The Sooners currently sit in 9th place with a 4-10-1 conference record and are on the road this weekend at Texas Tech this weekend. The Red Raiders are the only team behind Oklahoma in the conference standings and OU needs to keep it that way through this weekend and gain ground on Kansas State, Kansas and Baylor.

If there ever was a weekend for Oklahoma to gain some ground it would be this one. Kansas State has to play against Texas, Kansas is at Oklahoma State and Baylor is hosting Nebraska. Only one game seperates OU from Kansas State and Kansas and there is a four game seperation between the Sooners and Baylor. Come Monday OU could find themselves in 7th place or last place or even somewhere in between. The determining factor will be what they do at Texas Tech.

Big 12 Baseball Standings
Texas A&M 15-3
Nebraska 13-4-1
OSU 11-7
Missouri 9-6
Texas 8-10
Baylor 8-10
Kansas 5-10
KSU 5-10
OU 4-10-1
Texas Tech 5-13