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New Version of the Machine Coming (Texas Already Knows That OU is Good)

We aren't quite two years old yet here at the Crimson and Cream Machine but it is time to upgrade to bigger and better features. Sometime in May the Machine will undergo an extremem makeover and come out on the other side being even more fan interactive with lots of new gadgets and features for you the reader to play with.

As it is now you have the opportunity to comment on any post written on this site as well as post your very own thoughts and opinions in the diaries section. In addition we offer several opinion polls and give you the opportunity to post your own there as well.

Creating your very own FanPost or putting up your favorite FanShot on the site are just two of the new features to look forward to. Remember that the Crimson and Cream Machine is a fan site for the Sooner fan by the Sooner fans. It is absolutely free to create and account and there may not be a better time than right now for you to join.

For a great example of what the new format is going to look like check out Burnt Orange Nation and see what they're saying about Oklahoma's football team this fall.