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Granger, Loadholt and Robinson on Outland Watch List

Oklahoma has had five players win the Outland Trophy in its rich football history. This year there are three Sooners on the preseason watch list as an indication of how good OU should be in the trenches this season.

With all five returning starters from last season's offensive line returning Oklahoma could have the best line in the conference. Phil Loadholt and Duke Robinson are both going to play crucial roles in keeping OU's running game strong and protecting Sam Bradford. Both guys have the dreaded word "potential" attached to their names and everyone remembers how the o-line underachieved in the Fiesta Bowl. Improvement is crucial to either one of these guys winning any post-season awards but more importantly it is crucial for the team to experience even more success.

On the defensive line DeMarcus Granger is finally making headlines for the right reasons again. He has paid his dues and earned a spot back on the team and is on the watch list as well. Oklahoma is going to be very solid along the defensive line with NFL caliber athletes at every position but Granger could turn out to be the best of the group.