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What Do We Really Learn From Spring Football?

Dominique Franks put on a show Saturday at the Red/White Game.

Before you jump off the deep end thinking that Oklahoma's offense is suddenly going to stink after getting dominated by the defense all spring let me remind you that last year after the spring we had no idea who the quarterback would be because they all looked so bad. As it turns out Sam Bradford was alright after all. So what are we supposed to think after OU's quarterbacks tossed a combined 6 interceptions, 3 of which were returned for scores?

First of all we need to realize what Bob Stoops has stated over and again throughout the spring drills - that the defense has a sizable advantage. After Saturday's Red/White Game the coach addressed the issue one last time.

"The offense is incredibly disadvantaged in these situations by the way we practice. We go against them in pass skel and in scrimmages so the defense anticipates them pretty well. I felt good about the offense. There were a lot fewer penalties today and no fumbles. I know we had the interceptions, but a lot of that goes back to what I said about the offense being disadvantaged."

So based on that let's look at what we've learned this spring.

The offense is actually going to be fine! How do we know that? Keep in mind that DeMarco Murray and Chris Brown weren't participating which hurt the running game a little. Also, the coaches praised the efforts of the offensive line in the areas of cutting down penalties and improved blocking as well as the running backs and receivers for a lack of turnovers.

The other interesting think to watch with the offense was their move to the no huddle attack. It really is quicker and will result in more offensive plays which hopefully will result in more points.  

Dominique Franks is going to be really good! Strike that. He is really good. Franks dominated the spring game with three interceptions, one of which he returned 57 yards for a score, and two tackles.

Frank Alexander needs to be on the field! I know the Sooners are deep at the defensive end position but Alexander is a playmaker. He was all over the field Saturday making tackles, sacking the quarterback and intercepting passes.

Coaches should consider changing positions for Mossis Madu! The kid has talent but will experience the same problem he had last season trying to overcome the depth Oklahoma has at running back. DeMarco Murray and Chris Brown are the most experienced while freshman Justin Johnson ran strong in the spring and Jermie Calhoun will be joining the team this summer adding even more depth to the position.  

Madu has the hands and speed to be a very good slot receiver (led the team in receptions during the Red/White Game, 6-74) and would give the offense yet another weapon to toy around with.


Player, Attempts-Yards
J. Johnson, 20-44
Madu, 11-31
Clapp, 7-49
Bradford, 5-(-16)
Iglesias, 1-27
Nichol, 1-4
Jones, 1-(-5)
Halzle, 1-(-11)
TOTAL, 47-123

Bradford 12-25-191, 1 TD, 3 INT
Halzle 1-13-4, 1 INT
Nichol 7-15-58, 1 TD, 2 INT
Jones 1-5-50, 1 TD

Madu 6-74
Gresham 2-60, 1 TD (51)
Iglesias 2-28
Eldridge 2-26
J. Johnson 2-9
Hutchins 1-50, 1 TD
Mensik 1-15
Chaney 1-12
Whitson 1-12
Clapp 1-8, 1 TD
Stratford 1-5
Ratterree 1-4

Holmes, 10
Proctor, 9
Beal, 8
Fleming, 8
Reynolds, 8
Lewis, 7
Davis, 5
McCoy, 5
Bennett, 4
Clayton, 4
B. Jackson, 4
D. Jackson, 4
Robinson, 4
Bowers, 3
Granger, 3
Nelson, 3
Alexander, 2
Crow, 2
Franks, 2
Macon, 2
Taylor, 1
Troup, 1

Beal, 2-6
Davis, 1-1
Granger, 1-2
Proctor, 1-2

Alexander, 1-11
Bennett, 1-10
Clayton, 1-7
Beal, 1-6
McCoy, 1-6
Taylor, 1-5

Franks, 3-91 (TD)
Nelson, 1-81 (TD)
Alexander, 1-31
Davis, 1-10

B. Jackson, 2
Proctor, 2
Crow, 1
Fleming, 1
Holmes, 1
Macon, 1