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Big 12 Tournament Seeding Scenarios

With the Sooners win against OSU and Baylor dropping a game to Texas A&M, it has made the Sooners getting the 4th seed in the Big 12 Tournament very easy and very possible. OU can finish no lower than 6th and no higher than 4th.

Here is what needs to happen for the Sooners to get the 4th seed:

Win against Missouri Saturday. That is all that they need to do to clinch the 4 seed and get that very important first round bye. The 4 seed can also be clinched with a Texas A&M and Baylor loss.

To get the 5th seed:

Lose against Missouri Saturday and a Baylor or Texas A&M win.

To get the 6th seed:

Lose to Missouri and a Baylor and Texas A&M win.

There you have it. There is one thing that the Sooners need to do to separate from the jumble that is the middle of the Big 12 and get the first round bye is to beat Missouri on Saturday on Senior Day.