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OU/KSU Lacrosse Press Release

Well, we've known the score for several days now we have the official details.

On a warm Saturday afternoon, OU came out ready to play.  They started off the game with 6 goals in the first period, and 7 in the second.  By halftime, the Sooners had a commanding 13-4 lead.  The scoring slowed down for the Sooners in the second half, but the defense did not.  The Sooners only allowed 1 goal in each the third and fourth periods.  Connor Zwinggi had 25 saves on the day.  Six different OU players got in on the scoring action, including Ray Wilcox with 5 goals.

The next game will take place this Saturday at 1 p.m. in Norman, OK against Oklahoma State.  The Sooners hope to gain their first division victory over the Cowboys.  The game should be an exciting one for these in-state rivals as they battle to move up the ranks of the LSA North division.  This weekend's game will again take place at the intramural fields on the OU Campus.


J. Andy Roop