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Bad Game Doesn't Define Season


Hopefully this isn't the last image of Blake Griffin in an Oklahoma uniform. Griffin said that he will decide in the next three to four week whether or not he will return. Let me put it this way to him: COME BACK! YOU ARE NOT READY!

Louisville played an almost perfect game. Everything they did went right and everything that we did went wrong. Even the little used reserve Will Scott hit a half court shot for Louisville.

David Godbold played another very solid game but he was the only Sooner to do anything before it got way out of hand.

Coach Capel had this to say about Louisville after the game:

"We were just rushed and hurried all night. Since we found out we were playing Louisville, we talked with our guys about playing poised and being strong. We didn't do that."

Coach Capel added this about the growing speculation that he will be the next Coach at South Carolina:

"We just lost by 30, so I don't really want to entertain questions about anything but our program. And I just talked about our future, so I want to be here for a very long time."

We will continue to monitor the Blake Griffin and Coach Capel situations until announcements are made regarding both.

Of course, the end to the third favorite season to Sooner fans means that the second favorite season, Spring Football, can begin.