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Sooners Advance After Hot Shooting Night

Well that was a very satisfying win. 72-64 is right around what I thought the score would be. The guards hit their shots tonight and the big men played very well.

Obviously, David Godbold was the player of the game. Not only did he have a career high 25 points but he also shut down St. Joe's best player Pay Calathes. Godbold held Calathes to a season low 6 points.

The only thing one could really complain about is the fact that the Sooner let a 19 point lead shrink to only 4. To beat better teams, the Sooners can't allow teams to come back.

Overall, I would give them a grade of A because they got the win and the guard hit shots like they needed to. The 2nd round opponent Louisville will be a much tougher challenge on Sunday.