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Coach Capel Is Happy In Oklahoma

"My wife and I moved halfway across the country to come here. All of our family is back in North Carolina, and this is where we want to be. We actually see our family probably more now than we did when we were at VCU, when it was three hours away, because my wife's not working."

That is a quote from Coach Capel's interview Tuesday night with Al Eschbach on The Sports Animal. Rumors of South Carolina's interest in Coach Capel came out about two weeks ago and Coach Capel had yet to address those reports. During the interview, Coach Capel shot down any interest in wanting to leave Oklahoma.

"I've had no talks or no contact or anything from South Carolina. I've said before when I first got here: this is where we want to be. When I say we, my family and I, my wife, my little girl. We like it here, contrary to what I've heard people say. And we feel like we're building something special and doing it the right way."

I am glad that we have a Coach that likes being here at Oklahoma and wants to build something special. Kelvin Sampson never could take being second fiddle to Bob Stoops and the Football team. Coach Capel seems to understand that Football is King at Oklahoma and he, from what I can tell, is cool with the fact that Basketball isn't the top billing. Rick Barnes has done some special things down at Texas and with Coach Capel at the helm, I believe that he can do the same here at Oklahoma.

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